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Hi, I'm Thiago! 👋

I'm a brazilian software engineer born in 1993. I went to UFSC where I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering, with emphasis on Embedded Systems Development.

I've written code for companies like Way and Betha Sistemas, and also have my open source code being used by some people all over the globe.

This website is my digital garden. It's a spot where I post ideas, snippets, resources, thoughts, collections, and other things that I find interesting or useful. Expect to find content about JavaScript, Serverless, Linux and other fun stuff here. This is also a way to exercise and improve my english writing. Plus, coding your own blog is also kind of cool too.

You can also find more content written by yours truly on other platforms, including Twitter.

P.S. Here are a few pages on this site that aren't included in the normal site navigation, but might interest you:

  • Contact - Contact me!
  • Links - links to stuff
  • Appearances - Podcasts/interviews/etc that I've appeared on
  • Info - My bio/photo/how to spell my name/etc.

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